The Developer

Pembrey Airport was, in 1957, an abandoned, disused military airport. Winston Thomas redeveloped the site into a modern commercial airport to create inward investment for West Wales and the County of Carmarthenshire.

Captain Winston Thomas has been appointed MBE

Winston Thomas MBE

Captain Thomas has spent over £4m in building Pembrey Airport in Llanelli.

His private purchase of the airport in 1994 led to the restoration of the buildings and infrastructure in order to transform the former Royal Air Force Airport into a busy facility that offers private, commercial and charter flights.

His investment in the derelict airport has helped boost to the local economy, has attracted in inward investment and created jobs in South and West Wales.

“It is a privilege to have my name put forward on to the honours list,” said the 80-year-old.

Pembrey Airport was opened by the Secretary of State for Wales in 1998.

The airport is located in the county of Carmarthenshire 170 miles west of London

Pembrey Airport forms a catalyst to create Inward Investment, job creation and tourism. And was awarded the Best Airport of the year 2000 which was presented by Neville Duke, DFC? It currently handles a large selection of aircraft movements per year including the Western Power Helicopters who monitor the electricity supply network throughout the whole of the UK, PDG Helicopters who monitor the gas supply lines throughout the country, Castle Air who are contractors to the Forestry Commission, to name just a few, and is also used on a daily basis by the Ministry of Defence for aircraft refuelling and logistics and military pilot training, Pembrey Airport also provides the training of CAA air traffic controllers, fire officer's and airport personnel training for UK and foreign students at the Pembrey College of Aeronautics The Country Park, numerous professional golf courses, Burry Port marina, and local business is stimulating additional air transport services The West Wales region alone attracts 2.8 million visitors annually.

The opening of the Ffoslas Horse Race Course the first of its type built in the United Kingdom since 1937 at a cost of 24 million with the construction of 600 high quality houses in the local area Together with Pembrey Airport and other local developments 85 million has been injected into the local economy A percentage of the air fright can be diverted from the large airports to the regional airport especially the airports with the infrastructure in place this will eliminate the need for aircraft in holding patterns and reduce the Co2 emissions in the air and on the highways Pembrey Airport is ideally suited for such an enterprise as it has the main London to Fishguard railway line on its boundary and Network Rail have indicated that a 800m siding could easily be constructed between the existing tracks and the Airport. Road transport of such freight would be greatly reduced by the adoption of rail freight for the bulk of commodities.

Dubai visit

GALF 2013

Winston Thomas was asked to be a quest speaker at the Global Airport Leaders' Forum 2013 in Dubai. Here is his account of the visit:

A very busy couple of days, the gentleman in the middle is H.R Khalifa al Zaffin Executive Chairman, Dubai Aviation City Corporation.

H.R.Khalifa also invted us on a guided tour of the Dubai Airport which covers an area of 52 square miles and will accommodate140 million passengers when completed , they also asked if I was available to solve some of their telecommunications noise mitigation problems due to my experience in North America.

The opening ceremony was conducted by H.H Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Executive Chairman Emirates Airlines who have 33 A380 in service and 52 A380 on order with a total fleet of 186 aircraft. The whole four days was very productive and they asked if I could be available for other events during the year including the Dubai Air Show in November

This is a letter I received from our mediator, he was the CEO of New Deli Airport working now in Dubai as a consultant:

Professor Inderjit Singh was the Mediator at this event and the following is a letter of thanks for being a guest speaker at the Dubai Airport Show.

Dear Winston,

My wife Mala and I were very pleased to meet with you at the Global Airport Leaders' Forum 2013. I enjoyed every moment of our interaction and look forward to many more such occasions in the future. Our visit to DWC was a pleasant experience.

Your distinguished presence and immaculate responses to the questions that were raised in the Session on Day 1 16:40-17:20 wherein you were the Speaker and I was the Moderator generated a lot of interest among the audience. Your presentation on your bold initiative of acquiring an abandoned airfield and then transforming it into a successful commercial operation was found to be laudable by one and all.

I found the CD that you gave me on Celtic Engineering very informative.

I am enclosing a copy of my resume and an interview by the Arabian Man, published out of Dubai, while I was with the DAE.

Mala joins me in extending our best wishes for success in all your professional ventures and regards to your family.

Looking forward to our meeting again.

Best regards,

Inderjit Singh